In 2006, UK band Spider caught the hearts of Melon fans performing with a beautiful cover of Mouthful of Cavaties for Twenty Stories Below in which Blind Melon guitarist Rogers Stevens described the rendition as "...beautifully played and beautifully sung. I feel like I just took a valium."

Sadly, Spider bassist Joe Ruddy passed away on 13th of January 2008.

Joe was a loving husband to his wife and Spider Vocalist Jessica Winterstein and was a talented artist, a gifted musician and "the kindest, warmest man you could ever hope to meet".

An animated video of Dogs of the AMS: The Mighty Wizard was released in January 2012.
Dogs of the AMS was created by Adam Hoyle, Julian Parry and Joe Ruddy. The untimely death of Joe Ruddy brought an early end to the project, but in his memory the remaining team produced the video for "The Mighty Wizard", the first and final song that was recorded by Dogs of the AMS.

Dogs of the AMS: The Mighty Wizard

Visit http://joeruddy.org to find some examples of his work and tributes from the many people who loved Joe deeply.

Jess and Spider guitarist Rob Bradley do continue to play together on special occasions as a duo, with their last known performance being at at the Paisley Underground Tribute Night at the Windmill Brixton in November 2008.


Rob Bradley is also set to release an EP titled Achieving Neptune under the name Cervantes. The release is due early next year.

Check out the teaser trailer:

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